Yasuhiko Tsuchida



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Yasuhiko Tsuchida

1969: Born in Osaka.
1988: Graduated from Tsuji Culinary Institute and left Japan seeking a path of food and art.
1992: Moved to Venice, Italy. Worked at the well-reputed restaurant/bar ‘Harry’s Bar’ while exhibiting his personal works at various events.
1995: Took part in glass production on Murano. The following year he became an Art Director at the Schiavone Glass Company
1996: His ‘Bamboo Collection’ of glass sculptures based on a Japanese bamboo motif was met with critical acclaim and was featured at exhibitions around the world. His nickname is the ‘Poet of glass’.
2000: Director of the Venetian Glass Laboratory. Became Chief Director in 2003.
2004: Jutta Cuny-Franz Foundation Award - Honorable Mention 
2008: Received the Cultural Promotion Contributor Award from the city of Grosseto, Tuscany.
In the same year, he represented Japan at the OPEN International Exhibition of Sculpture, and won the Grand-Prix.
2010: Invited to and participated in the Issey Miyake ‘IM10’ Project Competition Summer of 2012: The ‘Imagine Series’, a series of poetic works using white glass, became a hot topic when it was revealed at the Karuizawa New Art Museum.
Yasuhiko Tsuchida is the only Japanese person to run a studio on Murano, Venice. He works in a variety of mediums, primarily glass and oil paints, but also video and installations. What is remarkable is the consistent presence of strong messages, concepts and philosophies as the unwavering foundation of his works.